Welcome to Exhibitors Edge! Your Friendly Guide to Navigating the World of Expos

Dipping your toes into the world of expos can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s so much going on, and it might seem tricky to keep up. That’s where we come in! Think of us as your friendly guide, here to help you navigate this vast expo landscape.

With Exhibitors Edge, you won’t just be attending or participating in an expo; you’ll be truly experiencing it. We break down the complex parts, keep you updated on the latest happenings, and make sure you’re always ready to make the most of each event.

So, whether you’re new to expos or a seasoned pro, with us by your side, you’re in for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

What We Offer

Pre-Expo Services: Before the Expo - How We Help You Shine

Making a Big Splash with Announcements:

Imagine getting everyone excited about your exhibit even before the expo starts. That’s what we do! When you team up with us, we help announce your upcoming event in a big way. It’s like telling the world, “Hey, something cool is coming!” How do we do this? By talking about you on our social media channels and sending special messages to our subscribers.

Spreading the Word with Press Releases:

Do you have big news about your exhibit? We make sure it gets heard. Through our trusted platform, we send out press releases. This means writing a special news story about your exhibit and sharing it with the right people. It’s our way of making sure everyone knows about your exciting event. We’ve

Exhibition Coverage, Reporting, & Hosting: Making it Simple for You

Personalized Expo Experience: Imagine going to an expo without leaving your home. With us, you can do just that. We show you around, let you see great pictures, and even let you listen to special talks with important people at the expo. It feels so real, like you’re actually there!

Comprehensive Reports: After the expo, you might want to know all the big and small things that happened. We have that ready for you! We give you a full update, showing you what people said, the surprising things found, and more. It’s like having a quick summary of the whole expo whenever you want.

Online Platform: We have a special online place for you. Here, you can see everything about the expo anytime you want. It’s easy to use and safe. You can watch everything that happened, either live as it’s happening or later when you have time.

So, in short, we make sure you experience and learn everything about the expo without any hassle!

Post-Expo Services: Making Things Clear and Easy to Understand

Lead Generation Post Expo Service: After the expo ends, we don’t stop! We offer a special service to help you get more potential customers and partners. Here’s how:

Digital Marketing Service:

Think of this as giving your brand a big online boost. We use smart online plans to make sure more people see, interact with, and buy from your brand. It’s our way of helping you shine even more on the internet.


This isn’t about romance; it’s about business connections! We help introduce you to other businesses and people who are a great match for your goals. It’s like setting up friendly business dates where you can discuss future teamwork.

Industry-Specific Channels:

We have special chat groups, just for people in your type of business. These groups are on Telegram and WhatsApp. Here, you can talk with others, share your ideas, and work on projects together. It’s a great place to connect and grow.

Simply put, after the expo, we keep supporting you, helping you connect and grow your business even more!