Shell Scheme Stand Exhibition

Shell Scheme Stand Exhibition

Shell scheme is the basis of any exhibition and the building blocks to a successful show. In many cases it creates a blank canvas for exhibitors to put their mark or identity on, but at Inkson Expo we can offer that bit more to make your company or event stand out!

Our shell scheme system creates a space for your exhibitors to promote their company in the best possible way. With our many optional extras including, literature racks, coloured walling and shelving, we can tailor and enhance your exhibitor’s space to meet their objectives. We can provide shell scheme in a variety of colours, finishes and heights.


Although shell scheme is only a temporary structure our system is built to be strong, yet still versatile. Our panels fit together using a ‘tongue and groove’ system that locks the panels together showing no gaps or external protrusions providing a flush finish, which is also Velcro compatible.

Here are just some of the options and styles that we can offer:

Shell Scheme Stand Exhibition

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